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Department of Advanced Radiation Technology

- Operation, management and improvement of the central facilities for radiation application

We safely and stably operates and maintains the following central facilities for research and development using radiation: the ion beam irradiation facility (TIARA), the 60Co gamma-ray irradiation facility and the electron beam irradiation facility. We are also propelling continuous improvement of the facilities and irradiation apparatuses by developing technologies relating to accelerator, ion beam and radiation measurement. The facility utilization is widely opened to universities, public research organization and industry placing importance on convenience of users.

Tokai Quantum Beam Science Center

- Development of structural analysis, analytical techniques and advanced researches using quantum beams

By using quantum beams such as neutrons, synchrotron radiation, lasers in Japan and/or abroad, we are promoting to develop the techniques for all atomic structure analysis of proteins required for the development of new drug, RI manufacturing with accelerator for medical use, elucidation of cellular response mechanism induced by radiation,. Moreover, we are developing a new nuclide analysis technique which enables to detect hidden explosives in cargo by upgrading the gamma ray generation technique based on laser-Compton scattering.


Department of Advanced Function Materials

- Creation of novel functional materials and development of advanced material evaluation techniques

The Department of Advanced Functional Materials Research aims to create novel functional materials and to develop advanced materials evaluation techniques, which cannot be established by the other methods, by utilizing the unique characteristics of quantum beams such as ion- and electron-beams and -rays at the world-class beam facilities, such as Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application (TIARA) to solve the currently the most important issue in the fields of environment and energy.

Department of Radiation-Applied Biology

- Department of Radiation-Applied Biology

Our department is performing various research activities in the fields of life science and advanced quantum-beam biotechnology based on radiation biology. Development of microbeam cell targeting system aims to elucidate cellular radiation response to very low fluence/high-LET heavy ions. Advanced ion beam breeding technology has been applied to generate valuable plants and microorganisms. We are also developing novel radiopharmaceuticals with higher therapeutic effect, and innovative radiotracer imaging technologies, for medical and agricultural applications.