1. Semiconductors for Space

1.1    Radiation Tolerance of Multiple-Junction Space Solar Cells                                             3
            O.Anzawa, S.Kawakita, K.Aoyama, M.Imaizumi, S.Matsuda, T.Ohshima,
            T.Hirao, H.Itoh, M.Saito, and Y.Matsumoto,
1.2    Analysis of Single-Ion Multiple-Bit Upset in Commercial High-Density DRAMs                 6
            H.Shindo, A.Makihara, T.Aburaya, S.Kuboyama, S.Matsuda, T.Hirao,
            T.Ohshima, M.Yoshikawa , and H.Itoh
1.3    Angular Dependence of Ion-Induced Current measured by TIBIC System                         9
        toward the Analysis of MBU
            H.Mori, T.Hirao, J.S.Laird, S.Onoda, and H.Itoh
1.4     Development of Collimated Swift Heavy-Ion Micro-Beams for Investigation of                 12
          Single Event Phenomena
            S.Onoda, T.Hirao, H.Mori, and H.Itoh
1.5     Analysis of Failur Caused by Cosmic Rays in High-Voltage High Power
          Semiconductor Devices                                                                                                 14
            H.Matsuda, I.Omura, Y.Sakiyama, K.Shibata, H.Ohashi, T.Hirao, T.Ohshima,
            J.S.Laird, H.Itoh, H.Mori, and S.Onoda
1.6     Radiation Tolerance of Silicon Carbide Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Transistor
          with Annealed Gate Oxide                                                                                             17
            T.Ohshima, H.Itoh, and M.Yoshikawa
1.7     Study of Proton- and Electron-Irradiation Effects on CuInSe2 Thin Films                         20
            A.Yoshida, H.S.Lee, H.Okada, A.Wakahara, T.Ohshima, H.Itoh, S.Kawakita,
            M.Imaizumi, and S.Matsuda
1.8     Pulsed-ESR Characterization of Diamond implanted with High Energy Phosphorus
          Ions at High Temperatur                                                                                                 23
            J.Isoya, T.Ohshima, Y.Morita, and H.Itoh

2. Biotechnology

2.1     Differential G-value of Oxidation of Phenylalanine in Aqueous Solution irradiated
          with Energetic Heavy Ions                                                                                             31
            M.Taguchi, Y.Kobayashi, K.Hayano, and H.Hiratsuka
2.2     The Influence of C Ion Beam Irradiation on Nuclear DNA Content in Plants
          regenerated from Irradiated Leaf Explants in Chrysanthemum                                           34
            H.Yamaguchi, T.Morishita, K.Degi, A.Tanaka, Y.Hase, and N.Shikazono
2.3     Effects of 12C5+ Ion Beams on Germination and Leafing of Seeds in
         Chrysanthemum(Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev.)                                                       36
            T.Nakahara, K.Hirashima, H.Murakami, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono.H.hase, and
2.4     Development of Cell Surgery Technique by Ion Microbeam                                             38
            M.Yamaguchi, Y.Yokota, S.Kitamura, M.Inoue, Y.Hase, and A.Tanaka
2.5     Effects of Ion Beam Irradiation on the Growth of Netted Melon(Cucumis melo L.)            40
            H.Katai, M.Taneishi, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono, Y.Hase, and H.Ohtsuka
2.6     Carbon and Helium Ion Beam Irradiation Effects on Seedling and Plant Characters
          of Tomato cv. First                                                                                                       42
            M.Masuda, S.G.Agong, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono, and S.Hase
2.7     Induction of Mutation in Spiraea by Ion Beam Irradiation                                                 45
          - Effects of Ion Beams on Germination of Spiraea Seed -
            M.Iizuka, N.Kudo, Y.Kimura, Y.Hase, and A.Tanaka
2.8     Isolation and Characterization of the Ion-Beam Induced New Arabidopsis Floral
          Mutant,frill 1.                                                                                                               47
            Y.Hase, and A.Tanaka
2.9     Mutation Breeding using Ion-Beam Irradiation in Aster                                                     50
            T.Baba, F.Nakamura, H.Nishi, Y.Yoshida, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono,
            Y.Hase, and H.Watanabe
2.10   Mutation Generation in Carnation Plants regenerated from in vitro Leaf Cultures
          irradiated with Ion Beams                                                                                              52
            M.Okamura, M.Ohtsuka, N.Yasuno, T.Hirosawa, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono,
            Y.Hase, and M.Tanase
2.11   Mutation induced by Ion Beam Irradiation to Hinoki Cypress Shoot Primordia                    55
            K.Ishii, Y.Hase, N.Shikazono, and A.Tanaka
2.12   Mutation Induction with Ion Beam Irradiation in Garlic(Allium sativum L.)                         57
            T.Tashiro, Y.Yamamoto, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono, and Y.Hase
2.13   Mutation Breeding of Rice,Eggplant and Gloriosa by Ion Beam Irradiation                          59
            M.Mizobuchi, M.Okada, M.Matsumoto, A.Iwasaki, A.Tanaka,
            N.Shikazono, and Y.Hase
2.14   Production of Mutants that have High Ability to Assimilate Nitrogen Dioxide
          by the Irradiation of Ion Beams in Ficus stipulata.                                                             62
            M.Takahashi, S.Kohama, M.Hakata, Y.Hase, N.Shikazono, A.Tanaka,
            and H.Morikawa
2.15   Induction of Somatic Mutation by Ion Beam Irradiation in Lethal Chlorophyl
         Mutant of Rice                                                                                                                64
            M.Maekawa, A.Tanaka, N.Shikazono, and Y.Hase
2.16   Genetic Screening of Antiauxin Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana                                         67
            C.Ooura, E.T.Aspuria, Y.Oono, Y.Hase, Y.Kobayashi, and H.Uchiyama
2.17   Isolation of Response Deficient Mutants to Environments from Plant Seeds
          irradiated with Ion-Beam                                                                                                 70
            Y.Sasuga, Y.Kami, M.Ooshima, G.Tanaka, Y.Kobayashi, Y.Sakata, Y.Oono,
            Y.Kobayashi, S.Tanaka, and H.Takenaga
2.18   System of Cell Irradiation with a Precise Number of Heavy Ions                                         73
            Y.Kobayashi, T.Funayama, M.Taguchi, S.Wada, M.Tanaka, T.Kamiya,
            W.Yokota, H.Watanabe, and K.Yamamoto
2.19   Effects of Locally Targeted Heavy Ions to the Zygotic Nuclei During Early                         76
          Development of the Silkworm,Bombyx mori
            K.Kiguchi, H.Tamura, R.Harata, K.Shirai, R.Kanekatsu, Y.Kobayashi,
            and H.Watanabe
2.20   Ion Beam Mutagenesis in a Model Legume Lotus japonicus                                               79
            K.Tateno, M.Kawaguchi, Y.Watanabe, N.Shikazono, A.Tanaka, T.Haga, and
2.21   Effects of Ion Beam Irradiation on Sweetpotato Callus and Chrysanthemum Leaf
          Discs                                                                                                                             82
            K.Shimonishi, S.Nagayoshi, K.Ueno, Y.Hase, N.Shikazono, and A.Tanaka
2.22   Effects of Helium Ions and Gamma Rays Irradiation of Sexual Plant Reproductive
          Stages on Seed Production and Postembryonic Leaf Development in
          Brassica napus L                                                                                                             85
            H.Minami, N.Sakurai, N.Shikazono, A.Tanaka, and H.Watanabe
2.23   Development of the Pollen Transformation System and Analysis of Apoptosis
          Induction by Local Damage, using Penetration Controlled Irradiation with Ion
          Beams                                                                                                                            87
            Y.Hase, A.Sakamoto, S.Wada, S.Kitamura, and A.Tanaka
2.24   Utilization of Ion Beam-Irradiated Pollen in Plant Breeding                                                  88
            S.Kitamura, M.Yamaguchi, M.Inoue, Y.Hase, and A.Tanaka
2.25   Dynamical Study on Influence of CO2 Enrichment to the Transportation of
          Photoassimilates using Positron Imaging                                                                             90
            S.Matsuhashi, S.Watanabe, N.S.Ishioka, C.Mizuniwa, T.Itoh, and T.Sekine
2.26   Analysis of Nitrogen Absorption and Translocation by Soybean Grown in Different
          Conditions for Phosphorus Supply                                                                                     93
            N.Ohtake, T.Ohyama, K.Sueyoshi, T.Kawachi, H.Fujikake, A.Momose,
            T.Suganuma, A.Osa, M.Koizumi, S.Hashimoto, N.Ishioka, S.Watanabe, T.Sekine,
            S.Matsuhashi, T.Itoh, C.Mizuniwa, H.Uchida, and A.Tsuji
2.27   Zinc Translocation Oscillates in the Leaf of Zinc-Deficient Rice                                             96
            H.Nakanishi, S.Kiyomiya, M.Yoshimura, S.Watanabe, S.Matsuhashi,
            N.S.Ishioka, T.Itoh, C.Mizuniwa, H.Uchida, A.Tsuji, S.Hashimoto,
            T.Sekine, and S.Mori
2.28   Effects of Environmental Stress on 11C Distribution in Rice Plants detected by
          PETIS Detector                                                                                                                 99
            H.Hayashi, H.Mano, N.Suzui, S.Matsuhashi, C.Mizuniwa, T.Itoh,
            S.Hashimoto, N.Ishioka, T.Watanabe, T.Sekine, A.Osa, H.Uchida, and A.Tsuji
2.29   Water and Trace Element Behavior in a Plant                                                                     102
            T.M.Nakanishi, J.Furukawa, K.Tanoi, H.Yokota, N.Ikeue, S.Hashimoto,
            S.Matsuhashi, T.Sekine, T.Itoh, T.Mizuniwa, N.S.Ishioka, S.Watanabe,
            A.Osa, H.Uchida, and A.Tsuji
2.30   Uptake of 18F-Water,15O-H2O and 13NO3- in Tomato Plants                                           105
            A.Tsuji, H.Uchida, T.Yamashita, S.Matsuhashi, T.Itoh, C.Mizuniwa,
            N.S.Ishioka, S.Watanabe, S.Hashimoto, and T.Sekine
2.31   Single-Hit Effects and By-Stander Effect on Cells by Heavy-Ion Microbeams                       107
            Y.Furusawa, N.Yasuda, CL.Shao, M.Aoki, K.Sato, K.Takakura,
            T.Funayama, and Y.Kobayashi
2.32   Fundamental Study on Radiotherapy of Tumors to Beneficial Companion Animals
          using Heavy Ion Beam                                                                                                     110
            S.Wada, M.Natsuhori, N.Ito, Y.Kobayashi, T.Funayama, and K.Yamamoto

        3. Radiation Chemistry/Organic Materials

3.1     Study on Space Environment Durability of Newly Developed Polymeric Materials
          for Spacecraft (II)                                                                                                             115
            F.Imai, M.Iwata, Y.Nakayama, K.Imagawa, M.Sugimoto, N.Morishita, and
3.2     Preparation of Ion Track Membranes and Their Separation Characteristics of
          Peptide Molecules                                                                                                             118
            M.Asano, H.Koshikawa, Y.Maekawa, M.Yoshida, T.Kume, and K.Ogura
3.3     Application of Thin Film Dosimeters to Measurement of Ion Beam Dose
          Distribution II                                                                                                                   120
            T.Kojima, H.Sunaga, H.Takizawa, H.Hanaya, and H.Tachibana
3.4     Cross-Linking of Polydimethylsiloxane in Heavy Ion Tracks                                                 122
            H.Koizumi, M.Taguchi, Y.Kobayashi, and T.Ichikawa
3.5     Nano-Wire Formation along Ion Projectiles in Polysilane Thin Films                                     125
            S.Seki, K.Maeda, Y.Yoshida, S.Tagawa, M.Sugimoto, and S.Tanaka
3.6     Primary Process of Radiation Chemistry studied by Ion Pulse Radiolysis                               129
            Y.Yoshida, S.Seki, A.Saeki, K.Okamoto, S.Tagawa, M.Taguchi, and H.Namba,
3.7     Measurement of Energy Deposition around the Heavy Ion Trajectory by Photon
          Counting Method                                                                                                             131
            M.Taguchi, H.Namba, and S.Ohno

        4. Inorganic Materials

4.1     He Ions Implantation Effect on the Thermal Diffusivity of CVD-SiC                                     135
            T.Taguchi, N.Igawa, and S.Jitsukawa
4.2     Effects of Helium Embrittlement on Fatigue Properties of Reduced
         Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel                                                                                     138
            T.Hirose, H.Tanigawa, M.Ando, E.Wakai, Y.Miwa, S.Jitsukawa, Y.Katoh,
            A.Kohyama, and M.Narui
4.3     Effects of Triple Beams on Microstructural Evolution in Ferritic/Martensitic Steels                 141
            E.Wakai, T.Sawai, A.Naito, K.Kikuchi, S.Jitsukawa, S.Yamamoto,
            H.Naramoto, S.Yamashita, Y.Masumoto, K.Oka, and S.Ohnuki
4.4     Investigation of the Resonant Vibration Modes of Self Interstitial Atoms in Metals
          by Low Temperature Specific Heat Measurement                                                               144
4.5     Study of Ion-Induced Structural Changes in Li2TiO3 Ceramics                                             146
            T.Nakazawa, V.Grismanovs, D.Yamaki, Y.Katano, T.Aruga,
            A.Iwamoto, and S.Jitsukawa
4.6     Damage Evolution in High Energy Multi Ion-Irradiated BCC Metals and the
          Interaction between Gas Atoms(H and He) and Damage Defects                                          149
            Y.Shimomura, I.Mukouda, D.Yamaki, T.Nakazawa, T.Aruga, and S.Jitsukawa
4.7     Dose Rate Effects on Microstructural Evolution in Austenitic Stainless Steels
          under Ion Irradiation                                                                                                         152
            N.Sekimura, T.Okita, A.Kurui, Y.Hashimoto, S.Jitsukawa, T.Sawai,
            Y.Miwa, S.Hamada, S.Saito, and K.Kikuchi
4.8     Effect of Simultaneous Ion Irradiation on Microstructural Change of SiC/SiC
          Composites at High Temperature                                                                                       155
            T.Taguchi, E.Wakai, N.Igawa, S.Nogami, A.Hasegawa, L.L.Snead,
            and S.Jitsukawa
4.9     Radiation Induced Cavity Formation in F82H with Various Heat and Mechanical
          Treatments                                                                                                                       158
            T.Sawai, E.Wakai, T.Tomita, A.Naito, and S.Jitsukawa
4.10   Comparison of Cavity Formation Behavior in RAF/M Steels irradiated with Dual
          Beams of Fe +He Ions as Observed in the Depth Dependent Damage Structure                     161
            A.Naito, S.Jitsukawa, E.Wakai, T.Sawai, I.Ioka, and H.Tanigawa
4.11   Investigation of Hardness Changes on Helium-Ion Implanted Iron by
          Ultra-Micro-Hardness Testing                                                                                            164
            H.Tanigawa, S.Jitsukawa, H.Abe, T.Iwai, and Y.Katoh
4.12   Effect of Ion Irradiation on Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steel                           167
            I.Ioka, S.Hamada, M.Futakawa, A.Naito, K.Kiuchi, S.Kuroiwa,
            S.Miyamoto, and K.Ogura
4.13   Effect of Radiation on Microstructures and Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic
          Stainless Steels                                                                                                                 170
            S.Hamada, A.Naito, C.Kato, and K.Kikuchi
4.14   Nucleation and Growth of Carbon Onions in Cu and Au under Ion Implantation                     173
            H.Abe, S.Yamamoto, A.Miyashita, and H.Itoh
4.15   Thermal Response of the Metal/Fullerite Hybrid Assembly                                                    176
            J.Vacik, H.Naramoto, K.Narumi, Y.H.Xu, S.Yamamoto, and H.Abe
4.16   Deposition and Characterization of Carbon Films Prepared by
          Ion-Bombardment-Assisted Method                                                                                    179
            X.D.Zhu, Y.H.Xu, H.Naramoto, K.Narumi, A.Miyashita, and K.Miyashita
4.17   Evolution of Co+C60 Structures during Co-Deposition and Subsequent Annealing                   181
            V.Lavrentiev, H.Abe, S.Yamamoto, H.Naramoto, K.Narumi, and K.Miyashita
4.18   Modification of Carbon Related Films with Ion Beams                                                          183
            H.Naramoto, Y.Xu, K.Narumi, X.Zhu, J.Vacik, S.Yamamoto, and K.Miyashita
4.19   Formation Process and Stability of Radiation-Induced Non-Equilibium Phase in
          Silicon                                                                                                                              186
            M.Takeda, T.Suda, S.Watanabe, S.Ohnuki, and H.Abe
4.20   Improvement in Surface Roughness of Nitrogen-Implanted Glassy Carbon by
         Hydrogen Doping                                                                                                               188
            K.Takahiro, N.Takeshima, K.Kawatsura, S.Nagata, S.Yamamoto, K.Narumi,
            and H.Naramoto
4.21   Temperature Dependence of Growth Process of C60 Thin Films on a KBr(001)
          Surface                                                                                                                             190
            K.Narumi, and H.Naramoto
4.22   Thermal Relaxation of Hydrogen Disordering in Palladium-Hydrogen System
          irradiated with Energetic Electrons                                                                                       193
            K.Yamakawa, Y.Chimi, K.Adachi, N.Ishikawa, and A.Iwase
4.23   Anomalous Change in Electrical Resistivity in EuBa2Cu3Oy Superconductor
          irradiated with Energetic Electrons                                                                                       195
            N.Ishikawa, Y,Chimi, A.Iwase, H.Wakana, and T,Hashimoto
4.24   Defect Accumulation in Nanocrystalline Gold irradiated with Electrons at Low
         Temperature                                                                                                                       197
            Y.Chimi, A.Iwase, N.Ishikawa M.Kobiyama, T.Inami, and S.Okuda,,
4.25   Epitaxial Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition                         199
            S.Yamamoto, T.Sumita, T.Yamaki, H.Abe, A.Miyashita, and H.Itoh
4.26   Effect of Fluorine-Ion Implantation in TiO2 Rutile Single Crystals                                           201
            T.Yamaki, T.Sumita, S.Yamamoto, H.Abe, A.Miyashita, and H.Itoh

        5. Material Analysis

5.1     In-situ Observation of Growth Processes of Transition Metal Compound Thin Films
          by Carbon-Implantation                                                                                                     207
            Y.Kasukabe, Y.Fujino, M.Osaka, Y.Yamada, and H.Abe,
5.2     Development of In-situ Ion Beam Analysis of Adsorbate Atoms at the Solid-Liquid
          Interface                                                                                                                           210
            J.Yuhara, N.Kishi, H.Suzuki, K.Soda, K.Morita, T.Ohnuki, S.Yamamoto, and
            K.Narumi, H.Naramoto, and K.Siato
5.3     Carbon KVV Auger Electron Emission from HOPG Bombarded by Fast Protons                    212
            H.Kudo, K.Haruyama, T.Kinoshita, S.Ishii, S.Seki, K.Narumi, and H.Naramoto
5.4     Characterization of Defects and Hydrogen Absorption in Pd irradiated with Protons                215
            H.Abe, A.Uedono, H.Uchida, Z.Q.Chen, S.Okada, and H.Itoh
5.5     Chemical Modifications of Polycarbonate by Cn+ Cluster Irradiation                                     218
            K.Hirata, Y.Saito, K.Narumi, Y.Kobayashi, and K.Arakawa

        6. Nuclear Science and RI Production

6.1     Development of a Laser Ion Source with an Ohmic-Heating Ionizer for the
         TIARA-ISOL                                                                                                                    223
            M.Koizumi, A.Osa, M.Oshima, T.Sekine, and H.Miyatake
6.2     Internal Conversion Electron Measurements in the Decay of the Proton-Rich Isotope
          126Ce using an On-Line Mass Separator                                                                            226
            M.Shibata, T.Shindou, H.Yamamoto, K.Kawade, A.Taniguchi, A.Osa,
            M.Koizumi, and T.Sekine
6.3     Synthesis of Endohedral 133Xe-Fullerene by Ion Implantation                                             228
            S.Watanabe, N.S.Ishioka, T.Sekine, A.Osa, M.Koizumi, H.Muramatsu,
            H.Shimomura, and K.Yoshikawa
6.4     Excitation Functions of Rhenium Isotopes on the natW(d,xn) Reactions and
          Production of No-Carrier-Added 186Re                                                                             230
            N.S.Ishioka, S.Watanabe, A.Osa, M.Koizumi, H.Matsuoka, T.Sekine

        7. Microbeam Application

7.1     Evaluation of Three Dimentional Microstructures on Silica Glass Fabricated by
          Ion Microbeam                                                                                                                 235
            H.Nishikawa, T.Souno, M.Hattori, Y.Nishihara, Y.Ohki, T.Yamaguchi,
            E.Watanabe, M.Oikawa, T.Kamiya, K.Arakawa, and Fujimaki
7.2     Development of High Performance Buffer Materials - Sorption Mechanism of
          Europium by Apatite and Smectite Mixture using RBS and Micro-PIXE -                             238
            T.Ohnuki, N.Kozai, M.Samadfam, S.Yamamoto, K.Narumi, H.Naramoto,
            T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, S.Oikawa, T.Sato, and T.Murakami
7.3     Development of In-Air Micro-PIXE System for High-Efficiency Elemental Analyses             241
            T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, M.Oikawa, K.Ishii, S.Matsuyama, T.Satoh, and A.Tanaka
7.4     Fluoride Uptake Measurement using Microbeam PIGE                                                       244
            M.Nomachi, Y.Sugaya, M.Yoshifuku, K.Yasuda, H.Yamamoto, Y.Iwami,
            S.Ebisu, T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, and M.Oikawa
7.5     Application of In-Air Micro-PIXE Camera to Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cells and
          Human Leukemia Cells                                                                                                   247
            A.Tanaka, K.Ishii, T.Satoh, S.Matsuyama, H.Yamazaki, M.Satoh, S.Harada,
            T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, S.Oikawa, K.Arakawa, and M.Saidoh
7.6     Application of Micro-PIXE to the Analysis of Single Fog Droplets                                       250
            M.Kasahara, C.J.Ma, Y.Inokuchi, T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, S.Oikawa, and T.Sato
7.7     In-Air Micro-PIXE Analysis of Ascitic Hepatoma Tissue Slices                                           253
            A.Tanaka, K.Kubota, K.Ishii, H.Fukuda, T.Akaizawa, Y.Oishi, S.Matsuyama,
            H.Yamazaki, T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, S.Oikawa, K.Arakawa, and M.Saidoh
7.8     Redistribution of Elements between Minerals in Rocks - Analysis of Uranium
          Distribution in Rocks by -PIXE -                                                                                   256
            T.Ohnuki, N.Kozai, M.Samadfam, R.Yasuda, T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, S.Oikawa,
            T.Sato, and T.Murakami
7.9     Radiation Damage in Si PIN Diodes Induced by Heavy Ion Microbeam Single Hits             259
            T.Kamiya, T.Sakai, M.Oikawa, and T.Hirao
7.10   Development of a High-Energy Microbeam Single Ion Hit Technique for
         Bio-Medical Applications                                                                                                 262
            T.Kamiya, W.Yokota, Y.Kobayashi,M.Oikawa,M.Taguchi, and M.Cholewa

        8. Radiation Shielding for Accelerator Facilities

8.1     Study of Particle Size Distribution of Radioactive Aerosols Formed by Irradiation
          of 65 MeV Quasi-Monoenergetic Neutrons                                                                     267
            A.Endo, H.Noguchi, S.Tanaka, Y.Kanda, Y.Oki, T.Iida, K.Sato, and S.Tsuda
8.2     Measurement of Neutron Dose behind Iron Shield with Tissue Equivalent
          Proportional Counter                                                                                                     270
            Y.Nakane, Y.Sakamoto, Y.Harada, S.Tanaka, and T.Nunomiya
8.3     Development of Neutron Monitor Using a Liquid Scintillator                                             273
            E.Kim, A.Endo, S.Tsuda, F.Takahashi, M.Yoshizawa, Y.Yamaguchi, S.Tanaka,
            T.Shiomi, T.Nunomiya, R.A.H.Danielle, and T.Nakamura

        9. Accelerator Technology/TIARA General

9.1     Beam Energy Measurement by the Time-of-flight Technique                                             279
            S.Okumura, K.Arakawa, M.Fukuda, I.Ishibori, H.Tamura, T.Agematsu,
            T.Nara, W.Yokota, S.Kurashima, and T.Ishimoto
9.2     Study of Beam Energy Spreads for the Single-Ended Accelerator using Nuclear
         Resonance Reactions (II)                                                                                                 281
            Y.Ishii, A.Chiba, I.Takada, and S.Tajima
9.3     Measurement of MeV Energy Cluster Ion Beam Current                                                   283
            Y.Saitoh, and Y Nakajima
9.4     Development of Transparent-Type Beam Current Monitor                                                285
            Y.Nakajima, Y.Saito, and S.Tajima
9.5     Development of the Sub-Micron Ion Beam System at the keV Range                                 287
            Y.Ishii, A.Isoya, K.Arakawa, T.Kojima, and R.Tanaka
9.6     Temperature Control of Cycrotron Magnet for Stabilization of Magnetic Field
          Strength                                                                                                                        290
            S.Okumura, S.Kurashima, T.Ishimoto, W.Yokota, K.Arakawa, M.Fukuda,
            Y.Nakamura, I.Ishibori, T.Nara, T.Agematsu, and H.Tamura
9.7     Present Status of JAERI AVF Cyclotron System                                                              293
            Y.Nakamura, T.Nara, T.Agematsu, I.Ishibori, H.Tamura, S.Kurashima,
            W.Yokota, M.Fukuda, S.Okumura, K.Akaiwa, To.Yoshida, S.Ishiro,
            A.Matsumura, Y.Arakawa, Tu.Yoshida, S.Kanou, A.Ihara, and K.Takano
9.8     Renewal of Computer Control System of the 3MV Tandem Accelerator                             296
            K.Mizuhashi, S.Uno, A.Chiba, R.Kitchen, and S.Tajima

        10. Status of TIARA 2000

10.1   Utilization of TIARA Facilities                                                                                     301
            Utilization and Coordination Division
10.2   Operation of the Electrostatic Accelerators                                                                    303
            I.Takada, K.Mizuhashi, S.Uno, K.Ohkoshi, Y.Nakajima, A.Chiba, Y.Saito,
            Y.Ishii, T.Kamiya, and T.Sakai
10.3   Operation of JAERI AVF Cyclotron System                                                                 304
            Y.Nakamura, T.Nara, T.Agematsu, I.Ishibori, H.Tamura, S.Kurashima,
           W.Yokota, M.Fukuda, S.Okumura, K.Akaiwa, To.Yoshida, S.Ishiro,
            A.Matsumura, Tu.Yoshida, Y.Arakawa, S.Knou, A.Ihara, and K.Takano
10.4   Radiation Control & Radioactive Waste Management in TIARA                                     305
            Safety Division & Utilities and Maintenance Division
            Department of Administrative Services, JAERI.